First iRacing World Championship GP Series: Goal achieved!

The 2016 iRacing World Championship GP series started the 27th, February 2016 and concluded the 08, October, 2016, after 16 difficult rounds of extremely hard competition. It was the first participation of Positive SimRacing in this championship, and despite the team’s experience in the World championship of Formula SimRacing (seasons 2013, 2014) the target of finishing among the top 30 was challenging, due to the extremely demanding characteristics of this championship.

Official standings 2016:

The bad luck in the 2015 Pro series made that two more PSR drivers (Fernando Guerrero and Kevin Siggy) could not qualify to take part in the grid. Hence, only Diogo Oliveira, who joined PSR at the end of the Pro series, represented the team and sponsors in the 2016 World Championship.

It was a difficult year for Diogo, with a challenging target: to finish in the top 30 among the 50 faster drivers in the world, and therefore to have the right to maintain the category as a WC Pro Driver, taking part in the next championship.

Diogo Oliveira faced a lot of difficulties during the season, but he was progressively improving his position in the driver standings and he finally managed to finish in P24. This implies a total of 6 positions ahead the target, and ensures the participation of Diogo in the next championship.

Finishing in this position, Diogo and PSR made the most difficult part of the project: to survive with one car in our first year in the iRacing World Championship. Now, Fernando Guerrero, Daniel Bida and Manuel Domingo will take part in the Pro series, which will take part to qualify among the top 20 drivers who will join WC in 2017. It will not be an easy task, but in this occasion the team is better prepared and we are confident.

But now, it’s time to celebrate the Diogo’s result. He faced a difficult season, where he couldn’t work and prepare the races as much as he probably would like, but he was very good in consistency and strategy, and what it is more important, he secured his goal, finishing ahead of drivers who at the start of the season where faster on track.

Congrats Diogo Oliveira, Congrats PSR!