Pro Series. Round 08. A gray day in Monza

Pro Series. Round 08. A gray day in Monza

Under cloudy conditions, the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza was the scenario of the penultimate round of the iRacing Pro Series. Overcast skies would give a dreary atmosphere to the race pictures, but it was also a gray day for PSR, despite the good result for Diogo Oliveira (who is virtually a iWCS driver after a brilliant championship).

Before this round, Fernando Guerrero was in P25 of the driver standings, which is a critical situation to achieve the goal of finishing the championship in the top 25. He had a conservative strategy. Diogo Oliveira had the work done, and he also had a conservative strategy. On the other hand, Kevin Siggy had to score as much as points he could, as he was far from the top 25. 

The race started with Diogo in P26, Kevin in P27, and Fernando in P30. Despite the weight imposed by the extra fuel decided for a long first stint, the pace of the three PSR drivers was good. 

Kevin overtakes while Fernando waits for his opportunity. Both drivers won positions during the first laps.

Fernando overtakes At the end entrance of the first chicanne

Diogo Oliveira in the first turn

In Lap 26, before the pit stops, Diogo was in P14, Kevin in P16 and Fernando in P17. And in Lap 34, after the pit stops, the PSR drivers were in P16, 17 and P19. But in that same lap, after Fernando’s pit stop, his car had cold tires and brakes and he touched an anti-cut of the second chicane, damaging his front wing. This forced Fernando to make a second stop, which ruined the strategy and therefore all the possibilities for remaining in the top 25.  Fernando showed enough pace to achieve the goal, but unfortunately, sim racing is an sport and everything can happen. There is still one race left, but the team stands little chance of having Fernando in the top 25. 

Fernando makes his second stop for repairing the fornt wing

P12 for Kevin Siggy

Kevin Siggy made a good race, finishing in P12 and proving that he has pace and talent enough to be a WCS driver if he avoids the internet problems. Diogo Oliveira made again a very consistent race, giving its position to Kevin in lap 43 to finally finish in P14, and confirming that Positive SimRacing will be in the World Championship Series in 2016. The team is proud of achieving this milestone, which was one of the main targets of the year. Celebration will take place after the last chequered flag in Nürburgring. Now, it’s time to be proud of all the work done by the team and to be “Positive” because PSR has shown to have talent and pace to finish better the next editions of the iRacing Pro Series. 

Diogo and Kevin at the end of the race